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Office of Sustainability strives to protect our environment, enhance the wellbeing of our community and advance to a more equitable society while providing top-notch education to the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco State University's Climate Action Plan takes an intersectional and holistic approach to address climate change, our environment, health and education so we can provide the most equitable solutions for a just society. The Climate Action Plan should be viewed as a living document. It will evolve overtime as we improve and update our goals and objectives to strengthen our climate action strategy. We will also continue to establish clear, measurable targets for our goals so we can assure transparency and accountability. 

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Director of Sustainability + Energy

Caitlin Steele completed her 16th year with San Francisco State University as the Director of Sustainability & Energy and is proud to have spearheaded the development of the sustainability program for the campus. Caitlin oversees the many facets of the sustainability program and works on a diverse array of projects including climate action planning, climate justice events, social justice initiatives, transportation demand management programs, greenhouse gas inventories, physical master plans, all-electric LEED certified buildings, zero waste Initiatives, and connecting with climate-based student groups. Caitlin is an alumnus of SF State and completed her MBA, with an emphasis in sustainable business, in 2014.