About Campus Governance

Shared governance is the cornerstone for structures and processes through which students, faculty, staff, and administrators participate in the development of policies and in decision-making that affect San Francisco State University. The campus President must approve all policies that affect the campus.

The Campus Governance and Policies pages serve as a central location for governance and policies resources, providing links to various campus governance bodies, approved campus policies, external entities with policy-setting authority, and campus-level committees.

Updated shared governance figure as of 3.5.2024
  1. The dotted-line represents coordination between the Academic Senate and Academic Affairs for governance especially implementation of Academic Senate policies affecting Academic Affairs. The Academic Senate consults with all Cabinet areas as well as certain Cross-Campus Committees. 
  2. The dotted-line represents coordination between the SF State Foundation and University Advancement. The campus President serves on the Board of Directors of the SF State Foundation. The Vice President for University Advancement serves as the President of the SF State Foundation.
  3. The dotted-line represents coordination between the Staff Council and Administration & Finance. The Vice President & CFO has designated the Associate Vice President for Human Resources to serve as the Advisory Administrator for the Staff Council.
  4. The dotted-line represents coordination between Associated Students and Student Affairs & Enrollment Management for student-related governance where Student Affairs & Enrollment can provide appropriate support to Associated Students. Associate Students also meets directly with the Campus President.
  5. The dotted-line represents coordination between the University Corporation and University Enterprises. The Vice President for University Enterprises serves as the Executive Director for the University Corporation.

Note: Separate 501c3 auxiliaries' governing boards have authority to develop policy and to recommend policies directly to the Campus President.

Text Version - Hierarchy of Campus Governance

  • CSU Board of Trustees
  • Chancellor of the CSU
  • Campus President
    • Cabinet Units

      • Academic Affairs (coordination with Academic Senate, which also consults with all Cabinet areas)
      • Office of the President
      • University Advancement (coordination with 501c3 Auxiliary San Francisco State Foundation)
      • Administration & Finance (coordination with Staff Council coming soon)
      • Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (coordination with 501c3 Auxiliary Associated Students, which also meets directly with the Campus President)
      • University Enterprises (coordination with 501c3 Auxiliary University Corporation)
        • Cross-cabinet collaboration via cross-campus committees

          • Campus Safety Committee
          • Campus Space Committee
          • Enrollment Operations Committee
          • Lab Safety Committee
          • Public Safety Advisory Committee
          • Strategic Enrollment Advisory Committee
          • Student Fee Advisory Committee
          • Student Health Advisory Committee
          • Sustainability Committee
          • Technology Governance Committee
          • Time, Place, and Manner Committee
          • University Budget Committee