Real Estate Development

As San Francisco State University launches an ambitious master plan, it is clear that project delivery methods will require a greater reliance on alternative funding mechanisms. To deliver new or renovated facilities to the campus community in a timely manner, the university will have to dramatically shift our approach to project delivery. 

Real Estate Development's efforts are aimed at developing and implementing capital projects through public/private partnerships (P3) and other delivery and financing mechanisms in support of its mission. These efforts include conceiving of, developing, and managing the business and contractual aspects of the university’s real estate development programs in alignment with physical planning, environmental, and financial goals.


Real Estate Development
1600 Holloway Avenue
Corp Yard 202
San Francisco, CA 94132

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Executive Director of Real Estate Development

Hamid has 25 years of experience, education, and training in the public, private sectors of real estate industry. In my professional career, he has  worked on many high impact large development projects to improve and bring values to the communities and interacted positively with many governmental official, non-profit organizations, commercial tenants, private sector developers, financial institutions, consultants and professional in educational sectors. Hamid has extensive real estate experience in public and private sectors in areas of right of way, Eminent Domain, development, asset management, marketing, commercial office and retail leases, ground leasing, permits, licenses, easements, CEQA process, redevelopment, feasibility analysis, land acquisition, airport property management, below market & affordable housing, solar leases, telecommunication leases, surplus disposition, non-profit leasing, economic development and site assembly of high impact projects.

In his time with the University, Hamid has contributed to development of several outstanding high-quality housing and academic projects and has been able to add revenue and cut cost by effective and efficient management of the real estate assets of the University.