Policy Development Responsibilities

Committees, working groups, and other designated bodies ("committees") are sometimes charged with policy-development responsibilities. Policy-development responsibilities must be approved by the University President in the committee's charge. Committees without an approved charge may seek the support of a Vice President to bring forward policies for the University President's approval.


committee policy development responsibilities


Process for a Committee to Establish New Policies

  1. Governance

    1. Committees are charged with policy development responsibilities (with the approval of the University President/ Vice President)
  2. Policy Development
    1. Committees develop policies or UEDs that pertain to their areas of responsibility
    2. Committees submit their drafted policy or UED to the Audit & Policy Coordinator for guidance and campus feedback
    3. Audit & Policy Coordinator posts the drafted policy or UED to University Policy website for public comment
  3. Revisions
    1. Audit & Policy Coordinator facilitates consultation with key stakeholders and consults relevant authorities
    2. Committee reviews campus community feedback and makes changes to the policy or UED as appropriate
    3. Audit & Policy Coordinator assists with formatting and university procedure
  4. Approvals
    1. Committees submit policy to Vice President or appropriate administrator for approval
    2. If a UED has been developed, committees submit the drafted document for presidential approval
  5. Publish & Communicate
    1. Audit & Policy Coordinator posts the approved policy or UED on the University website
    2. Committee notifies campus community and governance bodies regarding the approved policy or UED