Workers' Compensation


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Enterprise Risk Management

Contact Information: 

Demond Blanton / Worker's Compensation and Loss Control Programs Manager / (415) 338-1545 /

Effective Date: 

Friday, October 10, 2003


Executive Order 1069 - Risk Management and Public Safety


The purpose of the San Francisco State University’s Workers’ Compensation program is to provide all eligible employees who experience a work related injury/illness access to the University’s workers’ compensation program.


San Francisco State University employees (including faculty, staff, management, special consultants, student assistants, and work study students), appointed volunteers and some students enrolled in off campus internships are covered by Workers’ Compensation. San Francisco State University employees qualify for benefits when performing work for the University.


The University is committed to:

  • Facilitating access to the medical and compensation  benefits that an injured/ill employee is entitled to;
  • Ensuring a return to work occurs as soon as deemed medically possible following a work related injury/illness;
  • Providing suitable temporary transitional work for injured/ill employees where practicable;
  • Maintaining confidentiality of medical information about an employee’s work related injury/illness;
  • Insuring compliance with State and Federal law, California State University policy and San Francisco State University policy and procedures;
  • Providing  information  and  training  to  staff, supervisors  and  managers,  concerning their responsibilities within workers’ compensation, temporary transitional work and return to work endeavors;
  • Development, implementation, supervision and advancement in programmatic initiatives   to optimize the performance of the workers' compensation program;


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