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Jeannette Peralta / Executive Director of Organizational Development for Human Resources / (415) 338-7187 / peralta@sfsu.edu

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Thursday, December 20, 2001


HR 2015-10 - CSU Volunteer Policy


To define individuals in any capacity (administrators, faculty, staff, students) appointed to provide voluntary services to the University without financial gain.


San Francisco State University, in conformance with California State University (CSU) system policy and procedure, appoints volunteer employees to fulfill operational needs of the campus community.


A volunteer employee is an individual who performs work or provides services without compensation for a semester, academic year, calendar year, session, or any part thereof, either for a short term or on-going basis.


This policy applies to all individuals in any capacity (administrators, faculty, staff, students) appointed to provide voluntary services to the University without financial gain.


The volunteer appointment is distinguished from other positions/classifications in that the duties to be performed may vary from incumbent to incumbent and the appointment is not based on CSU classification.


Volunteers may perform a variety of functions in support of SFSU activities.  Some examples of volunteer work include, but are not limited to: volunteers who teach, assist in teaching, or are guest lecturers, etc; assist with registration; work in Health and Learning Centers; or other campus events or activities.


Volunteers must have the necessary training and/or supervision to safely carry out the volunteer work and depending on the particular function to be performed, must meet the approved license/certification and CSU requirements.  Requirements may include fingerprinting, background checks and other processes established for specific types of work that may be required as determined by the Campus President, the CSU or the external agency at which the individual provides volunteer services.


Individuals hired as faculty, staff or student volunteers under this policy are covered as an employee for purposes of Workers’ Compensation and state liability insurance; however, Workers’ Compensation coverage is not provided to students participating in University-sponsored community service learning (CSL) programs.  The community agency for which the CSL student is providing service and SFSU should develop an agreement that articulates liability for Workers’ Compensation and other insurance coverage prior to the students’ placements.

Volunteers must possess, prior to appointment, the appropriate license or certificate, if required.  For example, a medical doctor volunteering his/her services must have a current license to practice medicine in the State of California and meet other special CSU qualifications.

If a person receives any kind of compensation for services, adherence to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 regulations is required and the Employment Verification Form I-9 must be completed.  Normally, if pay is to be granted, the person must be appointed as an employee.  Contact Human Resources for assistance in this area.


Volunteer Acknowledgement Guidelines - Faculty 


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