Shipping & Receiving and Mail Services


Administration and Finance



Contact Information: 

Rabea Woerthwein-Mack / Director of Procurement / (415) 405-3825 /

Effective Date: 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Revised Date: 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


State Administrative Manual (SAM) 3800-3885


The purpose of this Policy is to outline the services available through Shipping & Receiving and Mail Services and the procedures necessary to obtain those services. Shipping & Receiving and Mail Services is the primary point to receive, process, document, transport and redistribute all incoming material.


This Policy and any related procedures applies to all areas and members of the campus community.

The Shipping & Receiving and Mail Service Center is responsible for processing all University mail and packages. Mail Services provides delivery and pick-up of U.S. mail and intercampus mail for all University departments and auxiliary organizations of San Francisco State University. Additional services provided may include bulk mailings and specialty mailings including certified, insured, and/or overnight mail delivery.

The University’s postage meter is managed and handled solely by Mail Services personnel, and shall be the only postage meter used for the University’s mail.  The meter shall be used for official University mail only, defined as mail that furthers the purpose of the University and/or is necessary to conduct the business of the University.  The metering of personal mail through the University postage meter constitutes the misuse of State funds and is not allowed. Personal mail (inbound and outbound) shall not be sent through Mail Services. The Shipping & Receiving Department will not be responsible for delivering personal packages as this also constitutes a misuse of State funds.

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