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David Chelliah / Accounts Payable Manager / / 415-338-2367

Effective Date: 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


ICSUAM 5205, Low Value Purchases


The University offers a variety of ways for faculty and staff to purchase goods and services: Requisitions/Purchase Orders, P-Card for purchases under $5000 and Petty Cash for purchases of $100 or less. While campus members are encouraged to use the Procurement Card program for allowable University expenditures, they may occasionally require to purchase goods using their personal checking account or credit card. Employees can then seek reimbursement from the University by submitting a completed Business Expense (Non-Travel) Reimbursement Request form with necessary approvals and supporting documents.


Staff, Faculty and Students may be reimbursed for business related expenses. In addition to business travel and hospitality, they can also get reimbursed for business related purchases for their department or project. All reimbursements must be requested using the appropriate form: Travel Expense Claim, Hospitality Expenses Claim or the Business Expense (Non-Travel) Reimbursement Request Form. Employees may be reimbursed for goods up to $1,000 from any single vendor with proper approval from Department Head or authorized designee. 

Substantiation and Original Receipts:

All reimbursement requests must be supported with appropriate documentation, including original receipts from the merchant, what was purchased and the proof of payment. Copy of the front and back of the cancelled check is required for payments made by check. Requests submitted without original receipts will be returned for additional documentation, such as a certified copy of the receipt. If a required receipt has been lost, a missing receipt affidavit must be submitted. Additional documentation may be requested by Accounts Payable or Internal Audit.

More rarely, a purchase is made by paying in cash. This payment method is discouraged and is acceptable only for small dollar purchases of $250 (including tax, shipping and handling) or less.

Approval and Reimbursement:

For each business expense reimbursement being requested, a valid business purpose of the expense must be stated, appropriate departmental approvals and the signature of the individual who has incurred the expense and is requesting the reimbursement are required.

Due to tax reporting, individuals may not pay for and in turn seek reimbursement for services from another party. Those expenditures must be routed and paid directly by the University to the vendor/supplier via a purchase order or a direct payment request. (Example: transcription services, medical payments, photographers, musicians, guest speakers etc.)

Under no circumstance may a person authorize reimbursement, or payment of any type, to a family member or to someone to whom the person reports.

Deadline to Submit Reimbursement Expense:

All reimbursement requests must be made within 90 days of incurring the expense being reimbursed. Reimbursement requests submitted after the 90-day deadline must be approved by a Vice President or Provost. Any late reimbursement request received without the Vice President or Provost’s approval will be rejected.


  • Complete the Business Expense (Non-Travel) Reimbursement Request Form.
  • Attach backup documentation, such as original receipt, paid invoice, and/or memorandum.
  • The Business Expense (Non-Travel) Reimbursement Request Form must be signed by the person in the college or department with the delegated authority to authorizing the expenditure of University funds.
  • Forward payment request package to Accounts Payable-Fiscal Services, ADM-358.

Exceptions to this Policy:

Reimbursement in excess of $1,000 per vendor or over 90 days must be approved by a Vice President or Provost before submitted to Accounts Payable.

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