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Facilities Services

Contact Information: 

Robert Andrews / Associate Vice President of Facilities Services / / 415-405-3835

Effective Date: 

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Executive Order 1000 - Delegation of Fiscal Authority and Responsibility  


To ensure the implementation of the Executive Order Number 1000 that costs incurred by the CSU Operating Fund for services, products, and facilities provided to other CSU funds and to Auxiliary Organizations are properly and consistently recovered with cash and/or a documented exchange of value.  Allowable direct costs incurred by the CSU Operating Fund shall be allocated and recovered based on actual costs incurred.  Allowable and allocable indirect costs shall be allocated and recovered according to a cost allocation plan that utilizes a documented and consistent methodology including identification of indirect costs and a basis for allocation. 


The Policy was created in accordance with Executive Order No. 1000, to emphasize the implementation of the recovery of the CSU Operating Funds for services, products, and facilities. In addition, the Policy delegates the responsibility to the department level and requires the departments’ designated personnel to maintain and implement the program with an annually approved cost allocation plan.