Procurement Card & University Liability Cards


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Contact Information: 

David Chelliah / Manager Accounts Payable and Fiscal Services / 415-338-2367

Effective Date: 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


CSU Contracts and Procurement Policy


The Procurement Card (P-Card) Program is designed to provide a simplified method for end-users to procure small dollar purchases of authorized commodities and services by using a specialized credit card. This method distributes procurement authority throughout the University while protecting its assets.


The P-Card should be the primary means to obtain approved supplies costing $2,500 or less per transaction (including tax and shipping). Cardholders are encouraged to use the Procurement Card for such purchases to achieve cost savings for the university and improve processing time. Use of the P-Card reduces the traditional and labor intensive procurement process for these types of purchases. 


Procurement Card