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Contact Information: 

Nish Malik / Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services / (415) 405-4105 /

Effective Date: 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Revised Date: 

Friday, May 1, 2020


ICSUAM 8105 - Responsible Use Policy

ICSUAM 8000 - Information Security Policy


This Policy defines service offering, requirements and provisions governing the use of Student E-mail Services provided by SF State.


Purpose and Scope

This Policy defines service offering, policies, requirements and provisions governing the use of Student E-mail Services provided by San Francisco State University.


Matriculated Students as well as CEL students are eligible for student e-mail account services. Graduated students may request SF State e-mail forward-only services through the Alumni Association.


Individual e-mail accounts are automatically provisioned for students. The account generated will be considered the individual’s primary e-mail account and will be used for official communication.

Suspending/Deleting Accounts (De-provisioning)

An e-mail account will be suspended or deleted according to the following procedures:

  1. Standard termination:  Anyone who does not have current student status will receive notification that their account will be shut-down. The account owner must contact the Registrar to resolve any student status issues.
  2. Violation of Responsible Use Policy: as defined in Responsible Use
  3. Disciplinary: ITS will handle the account based on Judicial Affairs or University Police Department direction. This will generally involve suspending, deleting or reassigning the account.

Account Names

For ease of account provisioning across systems, account names shall be 2-32 characters in length.

Account name (short name) changes are available on exception basis only.  First and middle names that are displayed in the e-mail directory can be changed online.

Following the deletion of an e-mail account, an account name will not be reassigned for 6 months.

Campus-wide E-mail Directory

Student name and e-mail address will be displayed in the e-mail directory. The last name displayed in the directory is the student's current last name on record with the Registrar. The student may select any first and middle name they wish to display.


E-mail forwarding to external ( addresses is permitted. Individuals forwarding e-mail are responsible for maintaining a current forwarding e-mail address. Delivery of e-mail communications is only guaranteed to the official SF State email account.


Names and e-mail addresses will be shared and listed in the directory unless an individual has a restricted record. Questions regarding restricted record requests should be directed to the Registrar's Office


The Executive Technology Board is the final review body for this Policy.