New Position Request


Administration & Finance


Budget Administration & Operations

Contact Information: 

Elena Stoian / Executive Director of Budget & Operations / (415) 338-1603 /

Effective Date: 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Recruitment Guidelines 


The purpose of these guidelines is to enhance University fiscal accountability and the budget planning process.


All requests for new non-faculty probationary/permanent positions in all funds (includes appointments over 90 days according to current University policy) must be approved by the Cabinet Level Officer and/or President. The request must include a justification about how the position will strengthen the effectiveness of the new or existing program and indicate how the position will be funded. This policy does not apply to appointments less than 90 days, the hiring of a replacement for an employee in a current budgeted position, or to hires resulting from disciplinary action, i.e. reassignment, demotion, termination.