Injury Illness Prevention Program


Administration & Finance


Environment, Health, and Safety

Contact Information: 

Marc Majewski / Director Environment, Health, and Safety / 415-338-2596 /

Effective Date: 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Executive Order 1039 - California State University Occupational Health and Safety


To define EHS Responsibilities defined by the Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).


At SFSU, we believe that all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented and that safety is a fundamental responsibility of each administrator, supervisor, and employee of the University. 

We also believe that safety and occupational health must be thoroughly integrated with our efforts to produce a unique high quality education in a safe and healthy environment. 

Therefore, for the well-being of all employees and as a matter of policy,

Managers, Supervisors, and Administrators will:

  • Ensure compliance with safe work practices
  • Actively identify potential occupational health and safety issues
  • Report and investigate all injuries, illnesses, and safety incidents
  • Promptly eliminate hazards and correct deficiencies
  • Educate and train employees to work safely

All employees are expected to:

  • Perform their jobs in the safest manner prescribed.
  • Conduct themselves in a way that enhances their personal safety and that of their fellow workers
  • Report workplace hazards and to make suggestions for their control
  • Cooperate and contribute toward the overall success of the program

These worthwhile objectives can only be achieved with the commitment and complete support of every employee of the University.