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Robert Andrews / Associate Vice President of Facilities Services / bobandrews@sfsu.edu / 415-405-3835

Effective Date: 

Monday, November 23, 1998


Executive Order 691 - Motor Vehicle Inspections-Delegation of Authority 


To ensure the implementation of a campus Motor Vehicle Inspection Program and shall ensure that all aspects of the vehicle inspection program guidelines are followed in accordance with Education Code 89031.5.


The Policy was created in accordance with Executive Order No. 691, to emphasize the implementation of the campus Motor Vehicle Inspection Program.  In addition, the Policy delegates the responsibility to department levels and requires individual departments’ designated Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) to administrate responsibilities related to vehicle specification, acquisition, inspection, repair, and disposal. This program covers any campus-owned motorized device for land transportation that is self-propelled and carries a driver, or is towed by another vehicle.