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Budget Administration & Operations

Contact Information: 

Elena Stoian / Executive Director of Budget & Operations / (415) 338-1603 / estoian@sfsu.edu

Effective Date: 

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Executive Order 1000 - Delegation of Fiscal Authority and Responsibility


To ensure the designated persons are obligated to ensure the effectiveness of the budget transfer requests. In the aspect of governance, the designated persons must ensure that the requests are in compliance with the CSU policies and definitions. To ensure the accounting process and appropriate records of monetary transactions are in accordance with CSU policies. To ensure the effectiveness and integrity of transfer requests initiated by the departments.


The Business Policy was created in accordance with Executive Order No. 1000, to emphasize the budget transfers made between two different funds are precluded. In addition, the Business Policydelegates the responsibility to department levels and requires the departments’ budget officers to maintain/monitor their departments’ budget as an on-going process to ensure the spending within their budget allocation.