Contact the Audit & Policy Coordinator

Policy Coordination Responsibilities

The Audit & Policy Coordinator (APC) is available to assist departments and committees throughout the process of policy development and revision. Below is a summary of the services provided by the APC:

  • The APC and Executive Director of Administration will facilitate the policy approval process. The department or committee consults with the APC at the beginning of the process for guidance.
  • If the proposed policy is a new one, the APC will assist in determining if it should become a University Executive Directive (UED) or a departmental Policy.
  • Depending on the policy, the APC will help the department or committee identify subject matter experts to be consulted, who may include members of Human Resources, Employee & Labor Relations, Faculty Affairs, Enterprise Risk Management, Student Affairs - Dean of Students, Housing, Dining, & Conference Services, and University Counsel.
  • The APC will make the draft UED or Policy available on the Policies website to give the campus community an opportunity to review and comment.
  • The APC and Executive Director of Administration will support campus communication as applicable following the finalization of the policy.

Please do not hesitate email with any policy questions!