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Environment, Health, and Safety

Contact Information: 

Marc Majewski / Director Environment, Health, and Safety / 415-338-2596 /

Effective Date: 

Monday, August 31, 2015


California Code of Regulations CCR Title 8 Section 5208 Asbestos, and Section 3203 Injury Illness Prevention Program


To clarify the role of SFSU union employees in dealing with potential asbestos containing materials and lead paint coated materials


Only employees who are properly trained, and authorized by EHS may sample or otherwise disturb materials that are expected to contain asbestos or lead based paint. 


1. Employees who come upon materials that they suspect may contain asbestos or lead paint shall not disturb the material in any way. 

2. They are to contact EHS. 

3. EHS will arrange for sampling and signage as needed.

4. If the material does contain lead or asbestos, that information will be forwarded to Capital Planning.

5. Capital Planning will record the location of the material, and if necessary will address/remediate the situation.