October 26, 2015- Exciting News from Employee University


On behalf of Employee University, Bryan Kauffman, Director, Labor Relations & Employee Development, accepted the 2015 Collaborative Innovation Award, Focus on Efficiency from the California Public Higher Education.  This award was received on Thursday, October 29th at the University of California, Riverside campus.  This award could not have been possible without everyone’s participation and support.  In 2013, the Employee University (EU) vision was introduced by SFSU’s Vice President and CFO of Administration and Finance, Ron Cortez.  The vision was to bring an inclusive, holistic, diversified, free, learning management program that would be available to all SFSU employees.  Employee University (EU) is San Francisco State University’s flagship multi-learning management program.  For more information about Employee University, go to: http://hr.sfsu.edu/employee-university

 (Pictured from left to right: Bryan Kauffman, Director of Labor Relations & Employee Development; Ann Sherman, Senior Associate Vice President of Human Resources; and Praveen Rattan, Manager of Professional & Leadership Development)