SF State Emerging Leaders



Emerging Leaders 2nd Cohort 2016-2017

Pictured above from left to right: (front row) Ryan Fetzer, Celeste Rivera, Elaine Musselman, Anoshua Chaudhuri, Michael Beatty, Megan Dobbyn, Soumyaa Kapil Behrens, Andrew Lok, Jeanie Kim. (back row) Jeffery Chun, Caroline Johansson, Jackson Wilson, Andrew Roderick, Tony Little, David Chelliah, Amber Friesen, Florence Tu, Elena Stoian, Amie Tat Brady, Maggie O'Brien, Nancy Ganner.

Emerging Leaders Program at San Francisco State University

The Emerging Leaders program at SF State commenced in 2015 as the result of a generous donation.  It is intended to enhance, strengthen, and reinforce the management and leadership skills of talented SF State staff and faculty.  The program is designed to develop participants on the roles of SF State leaders, while building enhanced capacity across our campus.

Program attendees are nominated by their respective leaders and Vice Presidents, and are required to commit to the ten (10) month program, which includes six (6) half- day sessions, followed by a 4-month applied team project. A theme threaded throughout the program is the integration of theory and hands-on practice.



  • Cohort 1 - 2015/2016


  • Cohort 2 - 2016/2017


  • Cohort 3 - 2017/2018


Student Involvement

Students involved in Cohort 1 - 2015/2016


Students involved in Cohort 2 - 2016/2017


Students involved in Cohort 3 - 2017-2018





For more information about the program, please contact Nancy Ganner at (415) 405-7305 or via email at ganner@sfsu.edu